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: Unyte Energy Signs £9 Million ECO Deal With 1 Of The ‘Big 6’ Energy Companies


Positioning well for a swift take off.

Abergele, North Wales, August 29th, 2019 – Unyte Energy Ltd. part of the Unyte Group, specialising throughout every level of the Industrial Hemp and Cannabis markets in the UK and Europe.

Newly opened Unyte Energy announced today, its first set of contracts signed to deliver up to £9 million of Carbon reductions, from August 2019 to March 2020.

Unyte Energy focus in 3 key areas which support the wider Unyte Capital Group including;

  • The Energy Company Obligation (ECO3)
  • Carbon positive Hemp based products suitable for the ECO and wider markets
  • Breakthrough Hemp technologies for the energy markets.

Vaughan Roberts, Managing Director of Unyte Energy commented “This is an exciting deal for the company and opens up not just the ECO market as a Managing Agent, but later next year the supply of Hemp based products to our installer base, as well as the wider markets. We’ve all been working hard to establish this division as an integral part of the group and are confident this is the first of a number of ECO bilateral contracts we’ll be signing with the ‘Big 6’.”

Establishing Unyte Energy is fuel for the eventual manufacture of a range of hemp insulation products planned for late 2020 by the group. The ready-made ECO market is a perfect market to slot into as it’s easily identified and offers up to a £650m market p.a. to tap straight into. Further demonstrating the groups intentions of ‘end use businesses’.

Group CEO Garry Stevens Smith commented. “We are about to press the button on a £3 million pound spend to be ready to manufacture and, for our 2020 crop. This is an encouraging start, as it ensures the planned 5000 acres we’ll cultivate next year has a facility capable of processing the volumes required.”

Unyte Capital are positioning across the Industrial Hemp and Cannabis markets aggressively in their foundation year, with all parts of the business coming on stream by Christmas 2019.

The story continues to unfold throughout 2019. For more information visit or contact; Unyte Energy, Vaughan Roberts at or for Unyte Capital, Jamie Bartley at