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Carbon Positive Hemp Based Products

The wider Unyte Capital Group are developing a series of hemp based products suitable for the Energy Company Obligation market. Including loft insulation, a polymer suitable to produce Polly bead for cavity wall insulation as well as internal and external wall insulation.

These products are unique to Unyte and will allow for an uplift in value if used by our install network. We anticipate they will be available in 2020-2021 and prove a significant advantage to all our partners.

Unyte Hemp recently planted 217,166,474 industrial hemp plants or 1,000,000m2. These will absorb in the 4 month grow cycle 2,200,000kgs of CO2. Which is equivalent to travelling 11,458 miles in a diesel car!

Hemp is much kinder to the land it’s grown upon than normal crops and helps clean and regenerate the soils requiring no pesticides or fertilisers.